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Homework Club for grades 4 - 6

Shoreham Homework Club

The Shoreham Homework Club is an after-school program that provides extended day activities to help students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade with homework completion, tutoring support, and creative, social opportunities.  There will be physical activity time, snack, and upwards of 50 minutes dedicated to homework, tutoring and/or reading.  There will also be a ‘MakerClub Workshop’ where a problem or goal is introduced and students have an opportunity to create a solution using the tools provided.  

The advantages of your student attending Homework Club include:

*completed homework; none to bring home!

-which leads to greater student confidence, more opportunities to participate in class (because the student is prepared for class), and personal growth through improved thinking, reasoning and skill development

*development of time management skills

-students develop an awareness and independent application of time management at HW Club that is transferable to school (and home) activity planning

*positive attitude toward school

-when a student is prepared for class, he/she is more confident in contributing and participating in class which will lead to greater growth

Expectations of Homework Club:

     1) Students must attend on the days that they have registered to attend.

     2) Students must be picked up no later then 4:25

     3) Students must adhere to the Homework Club policies and expectations.

     4) Students will use the homework completion time productively.  

Supervisors/teachers have the right to remove any students from Homework Club who are not adhering to the Club’s expectations or are not using their homework time productively.

Emergency Contact Person

To complete enrollment in the Homework Club, each child must have two current and in-service telephone numbers of contacts (family or friends) that can respond if a parent cannot be reached in the event of an emergency. Emergency contact numbers must be kept current to maintain the safety and well-being of the child.


Each child will be dismissed by their classroom teacher to the homework club. Once there, they will sign themselves in. The child must be picked up by the parent or designated adult when they leave the school. Be sure to notify the office if your child will be taken from school by someone other than yourself or the designated adult prior to the end of the school day.

Sick Children:

If your child leaves school sick, the school's administrative assistant will notify the after-school staff. If your child becomes sick at the after-school program, we will request that you pick your child up as soon as possible to ensure the wellbeing of all the children in the program.

Medication Policy:

Children who need to receive medication during the program must go through the school's nurse. All medications will be left with the school nurse or nurse designee.  Medications must have a note indicating the child's name, date, time and amount of medication to be administered and the medication must be in the original container.

Medical Emergencies:

In the event of a medical emergency or an accident, the after-school staff will contact the parents and the doctor of the child, as listed on the enrollment forms on file. If it is impossible to reach either and emergency treatment is required, the child will be transported to Porter Medical Center. Your authorization for the Center to contact your family physician and to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary is part of your enrollment application.

Behavior Guidance:

The purpose behind the Shoreham After-school Program is to promote student learning through tutoring, time to complete their homework, and enriching experiences from the MakerClub Projects.  

Our students’ behavior needs to reflect this purpose and respect the other students and adults in the after-school program.   Students can lose the privilege to participate in the after-school program.  

Pickup Time:

Students need to be picked up at 4:25

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OUR MISSION is to provide an innovative, rigorous, and supportive educational community that inspires a passion for learning and cultivates empathy and responsibility.
OUR MISSION is to provide an innovative, rigorous, and supportive educational community that inspires a passion for learning and cultivates empathy and responsibility.